Hi! It’s been a while!  This year has been so busy with summer school and work so I haven’t had much time for one of my favourite pass times, thrifting!  I’ve been watching The Fashion Citizen recently and they always have such great thrift finds, and I recently discovered Paul Cantu ‘s ‘Trips to the thrift’ videos which are so hysterically great. Today I had the day off work because I had an exam, but after that I hit up my local savemart- because no other opshops are open on weekends practically, and came out with some great finds I’ve turned into these flat lays!


These pants were what I picked up today, they are a thick kind of riding pant material so they will be great in winter. The shirt and shoes are also second hand- I got the shoes from a consignment store and picked up the shirt when I was up in Auckland for laneway. I got the bag from Auckland as well, but that was two years ago and I think the shop closed down since 😥


This is a 100% second hand look, but I got the top today and it still had the tags on from Zara. The skirt is Witchery so this is a pretty ~~fancy~ outfit that proves that opshops are full of opportunity and not just holey cast offs.


This outfit is for when you want to look like you attend school in a k drama, obviously. I found the skirt and shirt today, and the cardigan is from Asos and the bag is from Romwe. This skirt is such a good length and nice and swishy which is always fun.


Lastly, are the two biggest bargains I found. These black disco pants are from Souer,  which is a local brand that makes their products in NZ. They were in the legging section with exercise stuff so it does really pay to check all the racks! The dress is also from a NZ brand, ketzke, and you can tell they pay attention to their quality because they lined the main section to ensure the white isn’t see through. I’d probably wear this out to dinner or for earlier drinks so I thought it would go well with these senso knock off heels from kmart for that reasoning.



And because I can’t bring everything home with me, here’s some photos of those that didn’t make it. That sequined cardigan had a hole in it and was $17 and I’m so upset about leaving it behind because it was just so extra.


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