Okay sooo here is like 2 months of ootds I never posted??And some pics of cute things I never put on insta!!


These are things I saw at the first Thursdays market at the start of the month,and a selfie to show you guys my new hair! It’s a bit blonder and super thinned out, im very happy with it!


I documented this outfit because I had just purchased this skirt from Savemart. It’s a nz label, kilt, and the loveliest cord material with little flowers printed on it,so I thought it went well with the foxgloves in bloom in my front yard.


This is the newest outfit,from last week. These pics are very out of order but my computer is kinda broken currently so I am doing all of this on mobile. This is also why the backgrounds are tiny cats,not my usual stripes!


On my twitter I’ve been doing a series of selfies from the uni bathroom as I attend summer  school. Sometimes I’ve got to go into an office for my internship so it’s fun balancing the work/casual vibes


This top outfit is what I wore to first Thursdays, I got a lot of compliments in my skirt which was so nice! I also picked up these light wash gap jeans in a recent thrift trip,they had 50% off clothes at the time so they were such an amazing steal!


I went to a fashion show a few weeks ago, but all my photos turned out blurry! It was the graduation show for the CPIT students and it was super impressive.  The girls next to us were also super cute so I was creepy and took a stalker pic because their looks were so on point


Theeeeeese are pics from an antique store on the way back from Dunedin.  I love checking out smaller rural vintage shops because they often have some amazing things. Also, dogs.

image This is a bunch of cute stuff I’ve seen around, mostly vintage but the mug is Kikki.k


This is maybe the oldest pic, from when I went to lyttleton last month. The dress and cap are from kmart which is terrible but sometimes $12 dresses seem like a really good idea even though whoever made it only got 12 cents??? But it’s so cute??😥😥😥

OK!  We should be all caught up now! Summer school finishes in a week so I should be putting up more diys soon, I just made some clay marbled bowls and embellished my second denim jacket!


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