Another bullet point edition because my computer screen broke! I’m so sad about it, but will try to keep up the editing on my tablet.

This week, having finished Jessica Jones and Master of None, I have started watching Atelier. Despite it’s french name, its a japanese show about a lingere fashion house. The fashion is great, the drama is great, and overall it is a very enjoyable watch!

I have also started exercising more regularly this past week, so sneakers are my second favourite. I’ve been wearing my sketchers a lot for working out, and my trusty vans during the week to keep the comfy vibes coming.

Musically, I’m super into Haim at the moment, and cannot wait for their next release! Its also almost Christmas time, so the annual Danny Brito christmas mix is perfect for getting into the mood, with a solid mix of tracks. I love all the past ones, so listening to it is becoming a Christmas tradition of mine!

Peppermint tea, to aid the coffee come-down + sleep

And finally, badges! As you can probably tell by my last DIY, I am super into badges right now. They are such an easy way to update an outfit and I can’t wait for the enamel badge trend to filter down to New Zealand so I can find some new updates a bit easier.


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