DIY #3

I feel kind of sneaky calling this a DIY because it is a pretty simple one! I found this denim backpack at my local second hand shop, and it has a really cute bear embroidery on the front pocket but I wanted to make it even cuter! When I got it I noticed on the back it was made ‘exclusivley’ for Crompton Hospital, which is in South Aftica, so I have no idea how it made it’s way to New Zealand, but I’m glad it did! Inside there was a pacifier and a comb, which backed up the baby related theme, so I made sure to give it a quick wash before getting started!


So, first things first I laid out all my badges and pins to get an idea of a potential colour scheme/ collection. Most of the patches are from an ebay seller called Troopmoore who I found once upon a time on Tavi Gevinson’s old blog, and the others are picked up from markets and opshops. I actually found a decent stash of 90s Girl Guide patches at Savemart, but none of those made it onto the final version. I played around with the patch placements as you can see below, but decided for the final product to go with the spaghetti one, I think the yellow and red goes really well with the denim! These patches had plastic backing, which I assumed was iron on facing, but after a lot of ironing, so much that I melted the green nylon webbing on that middle strap, there was no sticking happening, so I had to sew them on which called for some repositioning of the side pocket badges.badgess

But before sewing, I placed on all my badges on the front pocket! I kept all the ones on the front pocket removable so I can change the vibes when I see fit. I picked out the Sailor Moon one while in Dunedin, the Paris badge and a few others are from the most recent First Thursdays Market here in Christchurch, and I managed to find a spot for my forever fave artists: Danny Brito and Midge Blitz! I made the disney domino one and the badge with the tiny bananas (they were mini erasers- rather difficult to stick to metal) and the mini Dr Martens badge was free from Laneway last year! I love remembering where I buy stuff from because I feel like it adds to the story.


I’ll put some more pics up next week on my instagram, so check me out on there for more! This is partly inspired by Mel’s denim jacket customisation journey from The Fashion Citizen. I love checking out their weekly vlogs. You can see the jacket in a recent denim-inspired vid here.

What is your favourite way to spruce up some denim items?




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