Woo! ten sunday suggestion posts down! This week I’m going to have a few more suggestions to celebrate this, and also because I didn’t post last week. But there was good reason for that, the first being suggestion number one.

#1- Learning. Learning is something amazing. I just started summer school this week and I was quite worried about how it was going to go, but the immersive nature of the structure is amazing. I’m also doing a summer internship at the same time, so I have definitely been practically applying a lot of what my courses have taught me, and that is always a good feeling. I love the feeling of completing a reading and knowing that something clicked. Plus the accomplishment of seeing that green ‘assignment submitted’ sign will never loose it’s associated feelings of relief and joy.

#2- Travel. Reason number two linked to last week’s absence was my trip down to Dunedin this week. A lot of preparation went into it, and aside from the weather not completely co-operating, it worked out pretty well. New Zealand is such a beautiful country and a lot of the time I forget about this fact. Travelling around also means stumbling upon some great second hand and vintage stores, which are always fun to explore and browse through, even if they might be a bit out of my price range. One cute store had a pink store front, so of course I had to get some outfit snaps in my new merch with it. Travelling around also exposed me to some much needed inspiration, especially in the way of architecture. All the old buildings in Dunedin and Timaru gave me some serious good vibes, and although they might be freezing cold and dark on the inside, they sure do look cute on the outside.

#3- Films. One of the summer papers I am taking is a cinema paper, so the first film we watched was It Follows. Damn, is that a good movie. I’m pretty late on the game but the whole concept and execution is amazing. I also recently watched White Bird in a Blizzard on Netflix, which had some solid costuming as per usual on a Gregg Araki production. Also, to break this vision of me being a cool person watching indie art films all the time, I am super excited for the final Hunger Games installment. I haven’t seen it yet, but it has been a long time coming and I’m really excited to see that chapter of my highschool reading list come to a visual close!

#4- Finders Keepers was a shop I visited in Dunedin, and it was like entering my own personal heaven. I managed to stock up on a lot of cute Christmas presents there and also grab a few things for myself, including a Sailor Moon badge and holographic-collared teeshirt originally from ASOS. There is no shops like that really in Christchurch currently so it was really refreshing to see a solid mix of price points and sizes represented in a vintage store for once! The girl working was making earrings at the counter, which made the shop seem even cooler, because you get an idea of the process behind everything going out! If you are ever in Dunedin, go check them out (then go to the vegetarian cafe up the road because they are also great).

#5- Bedding. After being away from my own bed for a few nights, I am noticing how great my own bed is, and therefore want to treat it to a makeover, just to show it that it’s appreciated. I’m thinking about getting this duvet from Ezibuy, and I really love the matching sheets too, but its so hard to choose a colour! I also have a dream of finding some amazing vintage floral bedspread one day in an opshop really cheap, and getting a coloured sheepskin to go over my bedhead, but I’m really getting ahead of myself. I pretty much come home from school/ work and get straight into bed from exhaustion so it’s always nice when its looking cute.

#6- I don’t think I could get through this post without shouting out to Stevie Nicks. In case you have not put it together yet, I went to Dunedin to go to the Fleetwood Mac show. It was simply amazing, and a once in a lifetime opportunity as far as I’m concerned ( because sooner or later I’m going to have to move out of my parents house and then concert tickets will be a long lost luxury item, especially ones as expensive as Fleetwood Mac was but lets not go into that). Angus and Julia Stone opened, who I also love, so that was amazing because it felt like a two-for-one deal that way. I also got to witness some amazing dancing from my position up in the stands, and it was a great spot for people watching which helped pass the time between acts. BUT STEVIE NICKS. She is in a separate class from all other artists I have seen live, and probably will never see anyone as amazing as her ever again. It was simply magic. Stevie Nicks 4eva. She anointed me into her cult through her spirit and music and I could never be more grateful.

#7- A final shout out to the AS Colour pants I am wearing in the main pic, for looking fancy and #business appropriate but for actually being secret trackpants with an elastic waistband and super deep pockets, making my work outfits that bit better from here on out. My wardrobe owes these pants a favour.

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