After playing with the rainbow of eyeshadows for my last post, I was super inspired to make a rainbow themed mood board. Colours are so often linked to moods, the mean reds, feeling blue, etc etc, so it was really interesting to see what moods ended up being represented in my picture choices. This summer I’m feeling really drawn to yellow. Whether that is my brain telling me to enjoy some sunny side up eggs, or sunny side up happiness is still up in the air, but I’m really excited for yellow! I’m even planning on going a nice warm blonde soon. Currently, cool grey blondes seem to be very /in/ but I am super excited to have hair the colour of a corn field. So, let the colour explosion begin!yellow//Happy// Bread// House// Lupita// Elle// Banana// Vogue// //Tavi// Swatch// Tee//

red //Marion// 2001// Daisies// Kanye// Pringles// Sakura// Nails// //Mia// Dress// Divine// Arabelle//

pink //Nails// Crossing// Bra// Swatch// Tinsel// Vibes// Dress// //Collage//

green//Plants// Cat// Avocado// Dog// Bag// Ring//


//Sketch// Guns// Solange// Light// Vogue// Eyelashes// //Proenza// Prada// Lips// Flowers// Face// Iris//

PS. I know there was no Sunday Suggestions yesterday, but i’ll make next week a bumper edition!


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