My BH Cosmetics order finally came this week and I am so happy with it, so I thought I’d share some swatches, because these palettes are just so pretty to look at! I ordered these from Urban Outfitters and was a bit worried about shipping, especially after seeing some reviews on the site stating they received smashed orders, but mine arrived safe and sound, much to my relief. I chose to order these palettes because I’m trying to make an effort to only purchase cruelty free makeup from now on, and BH cosmetics have such a great price point, plus I was ordering some Christmas presents from UO (which is a shady company I know but ethical consumption is such an impossible thing in a capitalist society and you are probably just here for some pretty colours so catch me a breakkkkk)
bhcosmetics2 The blush and contour palette I ordered is not only a lot larger than I expected, it’s a lot more pigmented too! I picked this up originally for travelling, because I’m going on a few trips over the summer. Iย thought it would be easier for me to tote this around in my bag, rather than bring my current contour palette, the Australis AC-on-tour palette, and extra blushes, because the BH cosmetic palette combines both contour and blush. However, it is over double the size of the Australis palette, which is pretty impressive. It does only have one contour shade, compared to three in the Australis one, but that’s not too bad considering I really only use one in the Australis palette anyway.

In the Australis palette I use the coolest middle shade, and often fill in my eyebrows with the warmer shades just to make use of the colours. One draw back with the BH palette is that the one contour shade is quite warm. I can get away with it when using a very light hand and some careful blending, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind if you like using grey tone colours. The shade in the BH palette would be a step up from using a bronzer, especially because all the colours are matte.

Because all the colours are matte, the highlights are less ‘highlighty’ than I expected. My Australis palette has a matte and shimmer highlight, which is great (hence me hitting the pan and needing a new contour palette in the first place). I use the shimmer highlight liberally on my cheeks most days, and I really like using the matte highlight for my brow bone after filling them in. The BH highlights are much brighter, with a pink and yellow tone included. I like the pink tone one, but the yellow isn’t great with my complexion, and is not yellow enough to be considered a banana powder so it’s an awkward in-between kind of shade. The pink highlight shade is also very loose in it’s home, so I think there wasn’t enough glue on the pan to glue it into the plastic securely so I’ll have to keep an eye on that.

I do however, think the inclusion of a white setting powder over an actual banana powder is great, because it minimises the different products you need to carry around, with this being a complete face powder set because of the inclusion of a white setting powder. I really like this powder as well for toning down the blushes, which need a very light hand.

Now on to the real fun! The eyeshadow palette I bought is the Eye’s on the 60’s. It has a good range of colours, shimmers, and mattes. I got this mostly because I’m regretting depotting my Sleek shadows and wanted to be able to carry around my eyeshadow without worrying about making a mess, as I made a diy Z palette for them and it didn’t work out too great. But that’s another story. Below, you can see the warm shadows. Overall, the shimmer colours definitley out peform the mattes, which are super chalky. The warm mattes are workable, but certainly stiff in the pan.bhcosmetics3 I was so excited for all of these blue and purple shades, but they where really dissapointing! There is some swatch photo on pinterest that shows these colours as so vivid and amazing, so when these were so difficult to work with (the blues on the bottom of the purple swatches is like, at least 5 passes?? SOME BS RIGHT THERE) But again, the shimmers are quite pretty and that makes up for it.ย Luckily, for the ones that didn’t perform like the lightest blues and lilacs, I have similar colours from Sleek so I am not too mad about it. They also will work better on the eye I imagine, especially with a primer or white base. These were just swatched with my fingers in my bathroom, not exactly the best test of performance! I’ve been using the gold colours so far, because I’ve been working a lot but they are easy to blend and don’t crease on the lid. I’m really excited to do some fun colourful summer looks with this though!bhcosmetics4

None of this is sponsored BTW, I just wanted to play Beauty Blogger for a day. Let me know in the comments if you liked this post, because I’m pretty keen to do more beauty writing in the future on here.


One thought on “REVIEW #1

  1. Loz says:

    I had to throw my Australis contour palette away because it had smashed all through my suitcase ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I was super bummed as I was just getting comfortable with it! I’m on the fence about repurchasing it because of that. The BH stuff seems cool though!


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