This week has been so good! Many faves currently (or should I say likes, seeming that twitter has changed up the likes/faves system)

  1. Grime’s Art Angels. This album has made me like 100000x more excited to see her in Feb at Laneway. Also I’m obsessed with the cover art. Grimes is so great because of Claire’s visual art skills, the combination of the art and the music is just so on point, and that is super apparent in the newest music video, with the strong use of colour and costume. I’m really digging the new poppier direction as well.
  2. Sparklers. This week was Guy Fawkes, which is a cool time, but this year I’m kinda over fireworks. I didn’t go to a large public show so apart from watching the Disney Fireworks in LA Youtubers vlogs, I didn’t get to see any epic lights and colours. The neighbour’s fireworks just make my dog crazy anxious and growly, plus people keep setting them off at the randomest times. Sparklers, on the other hand, are great. No hassle, no risk, maximum pay off, plus they make for awesome photos.
  3. Painting. I haven’t painted since high school, which seems like a millennium ago now. In high school I was constantly filling up canvases with dumb things, and filled two notebooks with collages over those four years. Since then, I have filled maybe half a notebook with collage, in three years. Things have definitely changes with my creative trajectory, as I spend my time doing different things, but it has been so nice to sit out in the sun and do something as ‘simple’ as painting. I haven’t really worked off any references, just letting my brush do it’s own thing, because I can always cover it up with something else if it doesn’t turn out!
  4. Please Like Me. I’m still not caught up on the new season, but I am so happy with it’s return. Sophomore seasons can be difficult, but I think it’s going pretty strong so far. Chickens! Affairs! Sweaters! It is such an easy show to watch and it really is the best Australian comedy since Kath and Kim.

What have you been suggesting to people this week? Let me know in the comments below!


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