I may have committed a blogger sin. I actually wore this outfit a few weeks ago, so its not as much a ootd but an outfit I wore a few weeks ago meaning to post with more timeliness but I never got around to it until now kinda deal. What do you guys think about that? There recently has been a bit of talk about the ‘artificial’ nature of social media and ones online prescence. While, yes, I did walk around the city with my sister until I found a cool enough wall to stand in front of, posing, to capture this outfit, I really don’t think there is any artifice here.

I’m not face-tuning the heck out of my images, or using them to sneakily promote things. Today I watched a youtube beauty review that stated to be “not sponsored” followed by the sentence “was gifted these products for consideration.” How exactly is that not sponsored? Anyway, I’m rambling. Branding and monetising social media as a job is still such a new thing that everything seems to be trial and error. Yes, it may be the best time of day to post your #goalz insta pic at 5pm on a Sunday for optimal likes, but what does result in actual sales? It is such a crazy, giant, scary, idea, this one of stealth advertising through instagram and snapchat, but as long as it is made clear that it is advertising, and you can unfollow at anytime, I really don’t see the issue.
eyee But back to the outfit! I wore a lot of eyes in this look, because whenever I bring out this bag I feel like I need to accompany it with some more eye friends. I layered my everyday necklace with this longer eye pendant to break up the grey turtleneck, so instead of my normal four eyes, I was eight eyes level.

This was a really fun look texture wise too, with the fur bag, pleather shoes with glitter, leather skirt and merino cardigan with the ribbed top. Usually, if I’m mixing patterns or colours I will try to have cohesive materials to keep it clean looking, but with a more monotone colour palette it really pays off to mix up the textures!ootd62


Cardigan- Borrowed from my Mum’s wardrobe
Top- Thrifted
Skirt- Witchery
Shoes and Bag- Wholesale site
Necklaces- Andrea Moore and Diva



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