This Sunday Suggestions is going to be based around local creators and crafters. Local being used kind of broadly, as in country wide, because New Zealand is a small enough country I think to consider it all rather locally produced, as long as it is NZ made.

  1. The first suggestion is Handmade In Hamilton, a new facebook page set up by my amazing friend Louise to inspire people to buy products created within their own city for Christmas. While I do not live in Hamilton, I think it is an amazing initiative, which not only helps local creators of Hamilton, but allows people to think about less traditional gifts, and avoid the stress of malls! While on the upcoming Christmas buzz, Louise also has an etsy store, where you can get some adorable Christmas (or not) cards and gifts, all locally made! It’s kinda nice to know that a purchase from an etsy store is going to help pay for someones groceries, or their rent, and not going into the profits of a scary global conglomerate who barely pays their staff.
  2. This week I headed to the Culverdune Fete, which is a annual fete with a whole range of products. Mostly I tried a lot of sauce and chutney samples, and looked at lots of cute things, including this $90 pillow. I did pick up this great ring from Jude Raffils Design, who is based in Nelson. I think it is super important to support local crafters, because making stuff and putting it out there can be really daunting! A lot of the stalls were selling imported goods, which is fine, but it was nice to see the care and time put into the handmade products, as well being able to talk to the person who made them. It’s recycled rimu, which makes it super comfortable and my favourite feature is the different colours on each side, so I can have it black to match whatever or light blue for a pop of colour, which also matched my manicure on the dayΒ (dots of Essie’s Mint Candy Apple on a white base) so clearly I had to buy it.
  3. A local boutique I some what frequented closed down this week, but it had a silver lining. I was able to acquire some great NZ made Loobies Story merino slip dresses for $20 each, which is an absolute bargain. A lot of people opt out of buying local because of the cost, but if you know where to look, and how to shop smart, you can get some really good deals!

What have you been suggesting this week? Let me know in the comments down below.

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