Woops, didn’t post all week! I am now officially done with this semester though, and I’ve got a backlog of posts ready to post next week! Here’s this weeks suggestions:

  1. Sneakers. Last week my new vans arrived, and they are so great. I also got a pair of matching socks, because how can anyone resist that level of matching. They are from the Eley Kishimoto collaboration, and I am so happy with them! Eley Kishimoto used to have a range of hoisery on ASOS that was so wonderfully patterned, but not so wonderfully priced. So I am very happy to have some of their geometric brilliance in my life!
  2. I’ve been waiting to DIY Anika’s brallette tutorial, because it looks so awesome. However, in the meantime I went out and grabbed myself this super cute Ambra one, because the back detailing might just be a bit too complicated to DIY.
  3. Nail Polish. I have been super into painting my nails recently. It gives me a nice amount of time to sit down and focus one one task which is a nice way I can practice mindfulness.
  4. It’s old news now, but I’ve been jamming out to the new Lorde x Disclosure so hard recently. Plus she makes a great case for pulling off long leather jackets, in a way that doesn’t make you look like you’re cosplaying the matrix.Β 
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