I absolutely cannot wait for this semester to be over so I can put more effort into my outfits and make some more diys! There are 3 in my head specifically I’m dying to start especially, so I hope they turn out well!

This outfit is for people who like blue cats, because its super blue, and covered in cats. It is also a pretty body posi look, showcasing to the world my unshaven limbs, while wearing a teeshirt that is too small! I am able to still rock this shirt by cutting the sleeves, so if you ever find a shirt that will fit your torso but not your shoulders + arms while thrifting, keep in mind some hacking with scissors should remedy that!

Wearing monochrome makes things look a lot more put together, so I disheveled the look a little with the scarf around the waist and the print tee, rather than wearing a blue button up shirt or peplum top.
(but that would look cute too and I have worn this skirt with both before!)


Novelty bags forever. I love the stick up ears on this guy. I got it from a semi-shady wholesale site a few year ago, but it is surprisingly well made and has held up well! I like when people compliment me on it because then I know they are My People (aka cat people). It’s a great purse to carry around my multiple cat themed cosmetic products and my phone, to play Atsume Neko on. CATS ALL THE TIME FOREVER. If you do want some dogs in your life though, go check out my last post ft Monty the Mischevious, because dogs are also cool I guess.

Yep, thats about me for today. Cats make me get off topic I guess. And yes, my family thinks I’m crazy, both for not shaving my armpits and for my need to say ‘cat’ whenever I see one on a street in public.

Tee: Secondhand
Skirt: Glassons
Scarf: Vintage
Bag: Clothing Dropship
Socks: Gift
Jellies: JuJu via ASOS


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