I missed a post this week! I do have about 5 different posts in the works currently at different stages of completion, but as it is the final weeks of uni, life has been kicking me in the ass.

It is also important to note that it has been Mental Health Awareness week this week (ending today actually). I deal with depression and anxiety, and obviously talking about these things is kinda hard and a hashtag is not going to change people’s lives in any amazing ways but it is a good way to de-stigmatise these issues and start a conversation. It’s not an excuse (and I don’t need an excuse to blog anyway because this is meant to help me feel better, not to cause anxiety about posting in the first place) but it is a disclaimer, and one I am putting in for everyone’s sake. This is to let anyone know, if you feel shitty, I’ve been there too. We can work through and reach our goals. We can survive.

On to this weeks reccomendations

  1. Australis Setting Spray- I have no idea how good of a setting spray this actually is. I love it as just a simple face spray. It is so refreshing to use and cooling as it dries. It is a staple for me in the final weeks of every term, pepping me up at 2am with a fresh rose scent which is instantly calming. Plus, I got this as a freebie gift-with-purchase forever ago which makes it extra amazing, because I didn’t have to even pay for it! (sorta)
  2. My phone case! I have a Samsung A3, which is not the basic phone case size, so I had troubles finding a cute phone case. I solved this dilemma by purchasing a clear case, and cutting myself some personalised covers. The llama and red flower collage are from Yen, as is the background of the design I decorated with cat stickers. I think this is a great option for someone who wants a case to match every outfit, because it is very easily customisable and a lot cheaper than buying different printed hard cases. The clear case has become kinda brown with UV exposure over time (I’ve been doing this since about May), but I don’t mind too much.
  3. This lipstick! I also got this in May, for my birthday from my lovely little sister. It’s Tease from Topshop and it is such a great barbie pink. My sister is also a super rad photographer and artist so if you want, you can check out some of her work for her brand Aries Collective here!
  4. Mums. Mums are a+. This upcoming week is my mums birthday, so I’m feeling extra affectionate, but mums are super great. Last week mum bought me some super cute nail decals and a cat paper punch from a dollar store just because. I love little things like that so much! She also helped me make a really nice floral arrangement for my room which is a really nice thing to look at every day, and a reminder of the good in the world. Yay parents! (Ps hi mum)

What have you been suggesting this week?  Let me know down in the comments!


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