Sundress season is officially here! This dress is a pretty recent purchase, from a lovely boutique in Oxford that stocks a great range of ethically produced clothing! It’s made of fair trade cotton and is amazingly soft and breezy. This dress was on the sale rack, which was very helpful for my student
bank account. It’s from a company called Nomads. I hadn’t hear of them before but their website is pretty well stocked!


I was chatting with the shop assistant for a while while deciding between this and another dress about The True Cost, as there was a screening at a local mall the next week. I have already watched it on Netflix but it was super greatΒ to talk to someone who knew a lot more about ethical fashion as I am trying to make more conscious decisions.


The other dress I tried on was quite different to this one, plain black cotton with embroidered detail around the hem and neckline, with longer sleeves. I left that one behind as it seemed a bit more wintery. This dress gives me some major French Holiday/ An Education vibes. I feel like it is meant to be worn when eating cucumber sandwiches next to the Seine. So, obviously, my little ‘french’ dog, Monty, needed to be included in these photos. It worked out well, as I got to give him a nice walk on the way to the park to take these photos. The cherry blossom trees worked as a great backdrop, with the visual referencing to the print on the dress. I do feel like cherry blossoms can be a bit cliche for backgrounds, but they sure do make a pretty photo.

The little collar and gathered sleeves add such a nice detail. It’s skirt is so full so it looks great belted, which also gives the dress more shape as it’s a tad big. I often size up for the added length it gives, and this dress hits so perfectly. I am very tempted to try and recreate it a’la this video tutorial, but its a bit complicated with all the button holes, and I don’t have a button hole foot for my sewing machine so that would be a real effort! Do you want to see more sewing DIYS from me?


I love this dress because when you think of ethical fashion, its all hessian sack imagery and hippy dippy prints. While some of the Nomad line is a tad more ‘earthy’ judging from their web presence, it’s great to have more stylish options. Marmalade also had some super cute organic socks that were ridiculously soft, so hopefully on my next visit I can pick up a pair of those.


Dress: Nomads from Marmalade
Jumper: Thrifted Huffer
Shoes: Miss Wilson
Bag: Handmade from last DIY
BTW: None of my links are affiliate currently and I don’t plan to monetize my blog with any banner ads. I’m sharing my thoughts out of a passion for creating, not for monetary gain.

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