I’ve been attempting to get on top of my shit this week, so it’s a shorter round up than usual, but you know, quality over quantity!

1.I’m super excited about the Laneway lineup this year! There is a great mix of people I’ve loved forever (Beach House, Grimes) and new artists I’m just getting in to (QT, Shamir)
Hopefully I can get the time off summer school to head up to Auckland and attend! I have been for the past two years so I would really love to keep up the tradition.

2. TEA! Today I went out to a high tea with my family, it was amazing. I tried a ‘happy’ darjeeling, peach and raspberry and an apple and elderflower blend that was particularly refreshing. Coffee is great but I think this will be the summer of tea.

3. I ordered Minna Gilligan’s book this week and I absolutely cannot wait for it to arrive, it’s going to be my new bible I’m pretty sure.

What are your suggestions for the week? Let me know in the comments down below what you’ve been up to!

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