DIY #2

I’ve been thinking about making a tote bag for a while. I use the tote bags from Real Groovy in Auckland so much, that one of the handles has broken off my black one so I felt like I could make my own. I made some little embroidered pouches for the UC Femsoc stall at a market earlier in the year as well, so wanted to incorporate embroidery because I had such a fun time doing those, and have heaps of supplies left over. PhotoGrid_1443059636455

When I saw the tote on Rosehound Apparel’s site, I knew I wanted to recreate my own. It is mysteriously not listed on their website anymore after only a few weeks since I found it, but there is still some photos floating around online. I started watching Sailor Moon during the mid-year uni break and I have been loving it so far. I was also inspired by Danny Brito’s patches and badges that feature Sailor Moon designs.PhotoGrid_1443167210876-1

I decided to use colour and fill in the wand to combine aspects from both the Rosehound Apparel bag and Danny Brito’s work. I was going to add ‘Fight like a Girl’ on the frontย too but my fingers are pretty dead from doing all of that embroidery so I decided to make a little pocket on the back and utilise my laundry marker for the design.ย My needle broke during the assembly process and I ran out of calico so one of the straps is a bit skinny but it got there in the end!


I love how it turned out so much! I might make a Sakura Card Captors one next with a Clow Card on it. The embroidery probably took me about 5 hours ( I watched a doco for my cinema class+ Scream Queens + some eps of Sailor Moon of course while doing it) so I wanted to make sure the bag would last.

I lined the bag so nothing would snag on the inside of the stitches and ruin it, plus it makes it extra professional looking. I added another pocket on the inside too for little things like keys and lipsticks. I have a crazy stash of fabric I’ve picked up from opshops over the years so it’s about time I start using it more!detaillllIt hold all of my uni essentials nicely, and I think it will make a great beach bag when summer comes around. What would you embroider if you made a bag like this?

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