I wore this last week on a much warmer day than today. It’s going to be rainy and grey all week so I tried to be /organised/ and pre-plan a little.

I kept things simple in this look to focus on the detail in my shirt. I put it through the wash and it came out alive so I am very happy with my handy work!
PhotoGrid_1442984049573I have really been feeling more clean looks recently. Way back when I would wear a ring on every finger with a bold lip and 4 different patterns. I still definitely advocate for print mixing and having fun but am enjoying the relaxed vibes of simple dressing.PhotoGrid_1442983714595A little bit of inspo for this look, this shot of Elle Fanning looks like it could be from a movie, I love how the colours of the pavement compliment the tones in her shirt and shoes. That #blacklivesmatter sweat is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and it’s so great to see meaningful fashion being celebrated.
PhotoGrid_1442984510589 I picked up this jacket during the thrifting trip from my last outfit post, and while I am not the most athletic person, I really love the colour and I think it is going to be great to keep in my backpack. This is a more travel friendly layer than my denim jacket but with the stripe detail and back patch it isn’t boring. I feel like a Tenenbaum when I wear it which is another added bonus.

This skirt was purchased a while back with the intention of putting patches on the pockets, so look out for that in the future. It’s a great dark wash and it has contrast red stitching which is a nice point of difference from the typical gold stitching you so often see on denim.PhotoGrid_1442984197873

Teeshirt: D.I.Y
Jacket: Second Hand / Savemart
Skirt: Temt
Sandals: Second Hand/ Savemart

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