Here’s this weeks round up of Sunday suggestions! This week the weather was positivley spring-y, so I had a great time trying out cooler outfits, and I am very excited about my summer aesthetic progress which you can track on my pinterest board here.mia

1.I checked out my uni’s book store this week, as they were having a sale and I needed to get a birthday present. I ended up getting a present for myself too, as they had M.I.A’s book for only $10. It’s such a visual feast with so many great patterns, covering the aesthetic direction of her first three LPs.


2.I treated myself to my favourite icecream this week, the Tip-Top Tropical Snow. They always put me in a good mood and remind me of road trips from when I was little.

3. I am pretty behind on the NYFW coverage but I am so obsessed with this Rachel Comey collection. I think all the different washes of denim are super great. The diverse casting is great to see. I feel like this has been one of the most diverse fashion weeks ever, which is awesome. It has also put me on the hunt for a round wicker bag like the one pictured above, it seems like the perfect summer carry-all.

4. This week I have been listening to Sylivan Esso. I first heard the duo in the background of one of Sammi Quinn’s moving vlogs, and finally stumbled upon them on Spotify one day. Hey Mami is such a clever take on cat calling and it has echos of Pazzida by Chelsea Jade, one of my favourite songs ever, with it’s repetitive beat.

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