I’m feeling super into yellow at the moment, which is probably related to all of the lovely daffodils in bloom all around my city! So here is some yellow inspiration for spring.


I created this real life moodboard to get me in the spirit. Currently I am on a mission to live with what I own in an attempt to curve my shopping habit, so this was a great exercise to see what I have to gain inspiration, rather than roaming online storefronts.

Recently I watched The True Cost on Netflix, which is getting a lot of hype. I’ve always been conscious of where the things I buy come from but it really made me want to cut out retail purchases from my life for a while.

yello2Solange is constantly on point with her colour theory. She always pulls off a great yellow and I love the matching shoes in this pic as well. I tried to draw inspiration from broader resources from this look, because as much as I love ASOS, things have a tendency to get a bit samey when every blog you follow posts the same brand new ‘drop’ for fall or spring.


Pulling further from my own belongings, here is a line up of some of my favourite yellow items in my closet. Full on yellow can be a bit much for my pale skin tone so I like to break it up a bit with some patterns. I thrifted the yellow and blue skirt this week and I think it is going to be my summer statement piece, and it only cost me $6!

This post was brought to you by MS Paint.

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