Hopefully I remember to keep doing this weekly, but here is the first installation of Sunday Suggestions, where I do a little write up about things I have discovered or liked this week!

  1. This week was the UC Femsoc day conference! ( #twss2015) I spent the day soaking up feminist ideas, taking photos for the Club’s Facebook and zine, and managed to pick up a copy of Fightback’s great new zine. They ran a kickstarter to make sure all contributors were paid for their work, which can be a really difficult thing to do in the world of independent feminist publications! There’s some amazing articles in it and it’s so great having the magazine in colour too. Go find a copy if you can!
  2. This lipstick is my new favourite. I picked it up during the uni holidays and it has been a go-to colour since. I wanted to try out the Kate Moss formulation due to the Youtube buzz around since their release, and I am not disappointed.Β lipstick
  3. I had two essays due this week for uni, so listened to a lot of music while working. This Cults cd was a great motivational tool. If you are a cooler younger hip kid who doesn’t ‘do’ CD’s, my favourite track is featured in this playlist, along with some other nice springy tracks which kept me in a good mind space.
  4. I also have loved catching up on the Vagina Slims podcast. The featured tracks are a mix of stuff I already know, and stuff I’ve never heard before which is really great. It’s super relaxing to listen to and Lauren Rose has some immensely interesting stories and thoughts. Episode 10 just came out today so go give it a listen!

Have a great week peeps

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