DIY #1

This week, I made* a teeshirt! Inspired by the new Gorman collection, as well as youtubers I’ve been watching recently like Rian Phin (this video precisely was the main catalyst) and Minimalist Kelly who does heaps of great DIY’s, I decided to draw on my clothes.

I had mixed results as I lost the pen I did the first half with, which was fine point, and then used a regular sharpie for the remainder.I didn’t use a specific laundry marker at all so I’m unsure as to how well this will hold up in the washing, but I guess time will tell. Put paper inside the shirt so ink doesn’t go through, and be careful if you use a stretch material like me! The lines will not turn out perfect each time, but that’s part of the charm.



Image credits // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

So how’d I go? Here’s some snaps of my final product, in progress and in action!



Look out for some higher quality images in a proper outfit post next week!

*made in the loosest sense of creation, because I just bought  a plain teeshirt as a base, but if you are pro, you could make your own teeshirt, Anika has a lot of great tutorials on working with stretch fabric.


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